No Limit Running

with Eric Deeter

Eric Deeter is an ultramarathon runner, podcaster, Mindset coach, and an advocate for running barefoot. Eric Deeter didn’t set out to run ultramarathons. He was trying to break out of the limiting beliefs that had limited his success for decades. He’d read all the self-help books. Attended mastermind seminars. Written and recited positive affirmations, but nothing worked. Then, in 2017, he learned a simple meditation that helped him unwind the stories of false humility lodged in his subconscious. He achieved his weight-loss goal that had eluded him for 15 years all through ChiRunning. The next day he ran his first mile on the trails, and never looked back. He went on to complete a 50-mile race, and after a failed attempt, complete his first of many 100 mile runs.  Eric works with his clients as a ChiRunning instructor to help them develop the mindset to change their stories and self-talk so they can do more and go farther than they ever imagined.

IN THIS EPISODE… Joe and Eric dive into how he got into Ultra Marathons because let’s face it, it is a unique individual that decides they are going to run a 100-mile race. That is exactly what makes Eric an incredible mindset coach and led him to explore different types of running philosophies. You need to listen to this episode to learn about two incredible running techniques that could be game-changers taking you to the next level of your own running goals. The most important part of their conversation is an incredible mindset tip Eric shares when Joe when he is asked about mentally preparing for a 100-mile race. This mindset share is not only good for race training but something you need to incorporate in your everyday life and personal goals as well!

? Breakdown with Eric Deeter:
Chapter 1 (0:00): Introduction
Joe introduces Eric and sets up the episode.

Chapter 2 (2:00) Getting into ultra running
Eric decided to challenge himself when he saw a friend of his complete an incredible 50-mile race. I wanted to see what his limits were, and how hard he could push himself.

Chapter 3 (11:19) Progressing as a runner
Starting off just one mile at a time, Eric got on the trails near his house and focused on getting out every day and staying consistent.

Chapter 4 (17:46) Approaching a long distance
An important long-distance run lesson and life lesson is to take each run and race one small point at a time. Eric’s focal point was the check stations every 6 miles.

Chapter 5 (23:03) ChiRunning and how it helps
Eric is a certified ChiRunning instructor and by honing his Chi skills he has taken his running game to another level.

Chapter 6 (25:38) Running barefoot
Barefoot running is another tool Eric uses for his long-distance runs. Barefoot doesn’t necessarily mean the total absence of footwear, but an extremely thing sole to help feel the earth.

Chapter 7 (28:30) What running teaches you
Mental health is so important, and by running and taking limiting thoughts out of your mind, you can develop a new sense of confidence.

Chapter 8 (29:33) Breathing and its importance
Breath is one of, if not the most important tool while running. Working on your breath work is something that will pay itself back in dividends.

Chapter 9 (32:58) The samurai mentality
Tackling the code of running can be compared to a samurai. There is a code on honor that comes with completing the seemingly impossible task.

Chapter 10 (45:28) Closing Remarks
Joe wraps up the episode and shares his final thoughts

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