Gut Check

with Melissa Hanson

Melissa Hanson is a health and nutrition coach and social media influencer. She has been able to help over 5,000 people ditch their poor eating habits and live healthier lifestyles. Melissa started her career as a massage therapist and planning retreats focused on mindfulness and healthy eating for small groups. Melissa quickly realized she could reach the masses through her inspiring Instagram and posting her health coaching tips on social platforms so people from all over the world can tune in and feel like part of her community. Melissa not only talks about the importance of healthy eating, but she also lives it herself with a completely plant-based, unprocessed diet.

IN THIS EPISODE…Melissa talks to Joe about overall nutrition and health goals and what pitfalls to avoid.  They get into what gut health is, and why it has so many repercussions on your overall wellness. Melissa also talks about the importance of a plant-based diet, which doesn’t have to be completely meat-free, but rather plant-strong. Melissa has a great way of simplifying what is most important when it comes to what you should be putting into your body and gives some amazing quick go to’s to have in your pantry/refrigerator for those days you need quick meals, and how surrounding yourself with positive accountability partners is key to your success.

Breakdown with  Melissa Hanson

Chapter 1 (0:00​) Introduction

Joe introduces Melissa Hanson

Chapter 2 (1:21) How Melissa got started

Melissa started her health nutrition journey out of college after she started learning about how food affects health so significantly.

Chapter 3 (5:17) Alkaline, what it is and why it’s important

Processed foods are acidic and can cause an imbalance in your body. Eating living food, fruits, and vegetables, is alkaline and brings a healthy balance.

Chapter 4 (9:38) Food advice

Gotos and easy advice to help make good choices, especially when you are on the go. Keep it simple. Also how to navigate the grocery store

Chapter 5 (15:47) Glyphosate – What it is, and how to handle it, and what foods to avoid

Glyphosate is a broad-spectrum herbicide sold under the common trade name Roundup.

Chapter 6 (18:30) Schedule your day

Do in advance what you know in advance. Also best tips on how to start your day to set yourself up for success.

Chapter 7 (​19:47) Tips for success

Melissa shares the top tips she has seen that results in success when trying to switch to a nutrition-dense lifestyle.

Chapter 8 (24:39) Fasting advice

When you are fasting you burn all the bad cells first, but you go through detox first.

Chapter 9 (26:05) Working on a calorie deficit

You don’t have to count calories. You will achieve a deficit with a plant-strong diet, and leaving out the processed foods.

Chapter 10 (28:45) Wholistic physician

Natural path doctors are able to do a lot of tests that traditional doctors don’t do. One, in particular, is glyphosate, which is a direct cancer-causing agent.

Chapter 11 (34:27) Accountability partners

Make sure you are surrounding yourself with like-minded and supportive individuals.  Take baby steps together and you will notice a difference in only 30 days.

Chapter 12 (42:53) Harmful diseases directly linked to diet

Don’t wait until a health scare to make a change. Heart disease and cancer are just two of many scary health risks that are a direct result of what they are eating.

Chapter 13 (53:07) Tools and Apps

Some tools that can help you on your journey including some beneficial apps, tools, and stress management ideals.

Chapter 14 (59:33) Keep it simple

There are some simple steps and actions you can take to help simplify your health journey. These easy steps include getting good sleep

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