Find A Way

with Amy Purdy

Amy Purdy is the top-ranked female adaptive snowboarder in the U.S., a three-time World Cup para-snowboard gold medalist, the 2014 Paralympic bronze medalist, and the founder of Adaptive Action Sports, a nonprofit organization that helps youth, young adults, and wounded veterans with physical disabilities get involved with action sports. She is a professional motivational speaker featured at TEDx and Pop Tech and is also an actress, model, dancer, clothing designer, and an experienced product spokesperson. Amy was the breakout star and a finalist on season 18 of Dancing with the Stars.

IN THIS EPISODE…Amy shares with Joe her story. She found herself in a seemingly insurmountable life situation at age 19, Amy contracted a virus that lead to the amputation of both of her legs. Not only does she share her feelings and the timeline of events of this life-changing moment, but most importantly, she shares how she was not only able to overcome the obstacles in her way, but dominate every goal she set for herself.

🔍 Breakdown with Amy Purdy:
Chapter 1 (0:00): Introduction
Joe introduces Amy and sets up the episode.

Chapter 2 (2:06) Recapping her story
Amy contracted meningitis at the age of 19 and in a 48 hour time frame she found herself fighting for her life.

Chapter 3 (10:10) Premonition from an unlikely source
While Amy shares a lot of her story, today she shared a story she hadn’t before. She was given a premonition from a massage therapist.

Chapter 4 (20:56) Spirituality intertwined with this life-changing event
Anyone would find themselves in depression or having feelings of inability to move on, but not Amy.

Chapter 5 (24:15) Coming to terms with amputation
Amy didn’t lose her legs immediately when she was admitted to the hospital, and she shares how she received the news.

Chapter 6 (31:51) Snowboarding
Snowboarding was always something Amy had a passion for and was not going to allow her amputation or a lack of equipment to stand in her way.

Chapter 7 (37:32) The power of being present
Amy’s mother demonstrated to Amy the power of positive thought and being present. Amy’s mother wouldn’t allow anyone with negative thoughts around her daughter.

Chapter 8 (46:02) Dancing with the stars
This was not an easy experience, but a very rewarding one. Once again Amy found herself in a situation where she had to get creative and engineer this opportunity.

Chapter 9 (59:34) What’s next
Amy embodies the “not almost there” mindset, and isn’t done yet. She is still setting goals and plans to crush them in 2022.

Chapter 10 (63:55) Closing Remarks
Joe wraps up the episode and shares his final thoughts

Material Referenced in this interview:
→On My Own Two Feet by Amy Purdy

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