Developing Your Attributes

with Navy Seal Commander Rich Diviney

Rich Diviney is a former Navy SEAL Commander, best-selling author, and a widely sought-after speaker and consultant.  Rich served over 21 years with 13 overseas deployments, 11 of which were to Iraq and Afghanistan. Throughout his career, he has achieved multiple leadership positions, including the Commanding Officer of a Navy SEAL Command. Rich was also involved in a specialized SEAL selection process, which whittled a group of hundreds of extraordinary SpecOps candidates down to a handful of the most elite performers. He began to see that surprising core attributes—including cunning, adaptability, courage, even narcissism— determine how resilient or tenacious we are. This epiphany evolved into a SpecOps training program called MindGym—the first of its kind scientifically devised to help elite soldiers perform faster, longer, and better in all environments—especially high-stress ones. He also wrote a book, The Attributes, which focuses on the qualities needed to be elite. Diviney currently works as a speaker, facilitator, and consultant with the Chapman & Co. Leadership Institute and Simon Sinek Inc. He’s taught leadership and optimal performance to more than five thousand business, athletic, and military leaders from organizations such as American Airlines, Meijer Inc., the San Francisco 49ers, Pegasystems, Zoom, and Deloitte.

IN THIS EPISODE… Joe sits down with Rich in his home to talk about his book, The Attributes, his experience on the Navy Seals, and his incredible mindset and focus which really translates to being the ultimate leader. Understanding these qualities not only promotes greater self-awareness, but it also provides an outline to train for optimal performance in any situation—from parenting and sports to business and relationships. Joe and Rich also break down the difference between a skill and an attribute, how to develop and apply them to your everyday life. If you are looking to hire the right people or get hired yourself Rich shares incredible insight on your ideal job interview.

? Breakdown with Rich Diviney:
Chapter 1 (0:00): Introduction
Joe introduces Rich and sets up the episode.

Chapter 2 (2:00) Experience in the Navy Seals
Rich shares what it was like being in the Navy Seals and ultimately how it lead him to uncover the attributes he writes about.

Chapter 3 (20:23) Grit and steadfastness as cornerstones
Out of the attributes Rich discusses grit and being steady are crucial. You need to ensure you are solid in order to build upon your foundation.

Chapter 4 (32:05) Social Media blackhole
It is easy to slip into narcissistic tendencies if you put too much emphasis on social media. It is so important to make sure you surround yourself with grounded people.

Chapter 5 (41:19) Paradox of low self-discipline and success
It inevitably happens that you find yourself as a high performer in your work or other areas, but low performer when it comes to your personal goals.

Chapter 6 (29:38) The ability to multi-task
Striking a balance can be tough between doing your tasks to you full ability. Spreading yourself too thin makes for poor outcomes.

Chapter 7 (52:23) Leading with empathy and humor
Finding humor in even the hardest of situations can be the sign of a great leader. Humor along with empathy is what will set you apart.

Chapter 8 (72:36) Improving your attributes
The more you focus and create a plan for developing your qualities the more you can be successful in improving your attributes. You want an even-level ability amongst them all.

Chapter 9 (82:54) Finding balance in celebration
Achievement and accomplishment deserve their time for you to celebrate. It is important to take in the highs and also find a balance to continue on with future goals.

Chapter 10 (89:27) reducing stress in your breath control
Breathing out CO2 is integral in reducing your stress and staying calm even in the most precarious situations.

Chapter 11 (97:10) The best interview strategy
The importance of getting the right people on your team, and putting your best foot forward cannot be underestimated.

Chapter 12 (104:33) Closing Remarks
Joe wraps up the episode and shares his final thoughts

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